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You are the soul of this project. Our endeavour is to create a visual chronicle of your life, events, experiences, achievements, attachments and turning points in your own words and vision. The posterity in all generations to come will connect with you live. They just have to seek and can see and feel you and your life’s essence. They marvel, feel nostalgic, love, respect, hear your message and be inspired. Go through the whole emotional ride, all in one viewing of this digital chronicle created.

Just like a biographer capturing key moments of your life to pen a biography, we will come to you to listen. To explore. To observe. To share. To capture. To record. To meet people and visit places that were key steps in your walk through life. To capture people and places that have left indelible imprints in your memory from childhood through to today.

Please walk us through your life, the key moments, joys and regrets and the highs and lows. Introduce us to people and places that you wish to show to your posterity. We will capture your impressions of the people and places in your own vision, as you see them. We will capture their impression of you at different times, as they saw you and remember you.

Let us begin the journey together and create an everlasting real ‘live’ YOU for all posterity to see, cherish, admire and be inspired. COME, Let’s Go...