Your Story, told Visually and made Digitally.
Connecting Generations.

Dear Sir/Madam

We love to tell your story. To your future generations. A story as told by you. A story only you can tell. The story of your life with all its ups and downs, twists and turns, achievements and accomplishments, dreams and real relationships. The story about all the people who shaped your life in those tender years…. parents, family, friends, elders, teachers, colleagues, rivals, role  models …all of them under spotlight. The story of places that are interwoven in to your life and its memories…. places where you were born, grew up, went to school, college, wondered about your future career choices and life roles, attained wisdom under the proverbial ‘’bodhitree’’, struggled to launch your career and then went on to conquer life. All those places that are milestones of your life’s journey.

Your story needs to be told by you (who else can tell it better!). For your future generations to get to know you, experience the love and thrill of listening directly from you and learning the truth, wisdom and messages from you directly to them to inspire their own lives. You must have wondered often as to how to do this. Here is the answer. The answer is to let us make your Digital Biography.

We at Digilife Media are experienced visual media professionals. We use our expertise to tell your life story visually and preserve it digitally. Say “YES” to us to make a DIGIBio for you. We will follow up with a proper contract and our professionals will proceed to make the real reel. It is that simple. We will together journey through the following progressive stages to complete this dream work.

All we need is your “YES” and, of course, we need you to spend some “quality time’’ with our team to create this life odyssey.

1. Pre-production:

A). Research: Our creative team will come to your place. Discuss with you. Know about your native place, home, schooling, childhood, higher studies, your ambitions and goals in life, your professional and career experiences, your family and friends, the places you spent many memorable moments of your life.

We will also list out the persons who have influenced your life and whom you cannot forget- your friends, class mates, colleagues, partners, near and dear.

B). Scripting: After detailed research our writers will write the story line. We will consult you on the story line and make appropriate modifications, if necessary.

C). Screen play and Shooting script : Our team will proceed to author screen play and shooting script.

D). We will prepare a shooting schedules which are mutually convenient and make arrangements for shooting at chosen locations as per agreed schedule.

2. Production:

As per the schedule with your consent our crew will go to different locations along with you and do shooting. We may also include other people in your life in the shooting as mutually agreed. We will collect photos and video footage from your personal collection to highlight those memorable moments of your life as they happened.

3. Post-production:

A). Editing : The rush stock will be edited

B). Graphics: If the quality of narrative demands some graphics to be added, we will incorporate them for you.

C). Dubbing/OB : Sound effects to be streamlined and synchronized with the film.

D).ReRecording: To enhance the telling effect of the narrative, music will be composed and rerecording will be done by us.  

4. Preview:

After completion of the film we will preview the film together with you.

5. Uploading to site or provide a copy to youPost-production:

Once we are happy with the quality and you agree ,the film may be uploaded to our site- or a hard copy will be provided to you as per our mutual agreement. If the film is uploaded, you will be able to authorize the film for viewing by selected people of your choice only by creating an access code.

5. Updating

At a later date, if you wish to have the film reviewed and updated to include more wonderful chapters in your life, we will do so with a fresh contract. . 

We look forward to a thrilling journey through your life together. Soon. Let’s Do.

Digilife Media Team