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How will I be known to my grandchildren, their children and future generations….will they see me, remember me, learn about my life experiences and benefit” mused a distinguished soul!

Yes. Some of the weather beaten photo albums will make an attempt to tell you story, if the albums are dug out of the basement archives!.

You pen down an autobiography (or get a biography written by a professional) and they will read the book and get to know about you, if the print copy is intact and in readable condition that many years later!

But those options cannot retain the real ‘YOU’ , live and beaming , to tell the story of your life in your own words and images to all the future generations to come , without fading and  without  being moth eaten.

The IDEA to create this project was borne out of such musings from a very distinguished soul and the consequent wish to create the life story like a digital biography. A Biography that captures your life, its ups and downs, people and places that were part of your life. All created artistically by skilled professional in a ‘”LIVE’’ mode showing the real “YOU” and preserved in a Digital form that remains refreshing to see forever. Give that joy of watching you and your life LIVE to the future generations to come. To create a way for you to connect with future generations and bless them to benefit from the vivid tale of rich life experiences from your time.

We can do this together by walking along the path of creation and preservation.  Let’s do it together.

How nice will it be to create a visual garland f memories in all the splendour of rainbow colours coming alive to greet many generations to come. Preserved in digital mode to last for times immemorial.

The visual spectacle created by seasoned, professional cinematographers with narratives from your own voice and voices of people in your life capturing interactive reflections of your deepest thoughts, emotions and feelings. The Digital Biography will live on, almost eternally, hosted in the ethernetclouds, for all future generations to connect with you. Future generations will see you live, fell you live, love you, admire you and be inspired long, long, long time in to the future!

We believe we can do this together.